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  • Plaintiffs’ lawyers appreciate Legislature’s data dump September 21, 2017
    In a recent article about a job-killing bill that threatens more workplace litigation, CalChamber’s Jennifer Barrera and the internet trade association ComTIA’s Kara Bush stated, “By using the smokescreen of transparency, the bill author and her plaintiffs’ attorneys allies aim to unravel the carefully structured compromise. In effect, the legislation would require employers to serve up reams of data […]
  • Think long before regulating the internet September 15, 2017
    Don’t look now but California wants to regulate your internet. What could go wrong? Consumers are rightfully concerned about data security and personal privacy. Data breaches, hacking and poor personal security practices have compromised internet users’ financial and personal information. Large majorities of Americans want to improve their control over their own personal information. But […]
  • Voters want housing shortage addressed September 5, 2017
    California voters are anxious about housing affordability and skeptical of laws that would increase housing costs and worker commutes. During the next two weeks, Governor Brown and the Legislature will attempt to address some of those anxieties – considering tax increases or new state debt to subsidize affordable housing. They will also debate limited incentives […]
  • Supreme Court defends local initiatives, but may threaten taxpayer protections August 30, 2017
    A California Supreme Court decision makes it easier to raise some local taxes. But how much easier remains to be seen. For two decades, local tax increases have usually been governed by Proposition 218, whether proposed by a local government agency or by citizen initiative. Passed by voters in 1996, Proposition 218 requires voter approval of all […]
  • Cap-and-trade deal also cut taxes July 28, 2017
    As part of a comprehensive, bipartisan solution implementing the state’s ambitious climate change goals, the legislation that extended the cap-and-trade program also included several useful tax reductions. These tax cuts will help mitigate cost increases on rural Californians and partially offset some costs for California manufacturers and energy producers. Sales tax exemption Manufacturers gained a […]

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RT @madrid_mike: Well done @CAGOP leadership - by all means stay quiet. Your silence is approval.
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I blogged … Plaintiffs' lawyers appreciate Legislature's data dump. @FHDaily
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This strikes me as v. good reason to maintain CA tradition of special elex to replace mid-term #caleg vacancies.
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