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  • Cap-and-trade deal also cut taxes July 28, 2017
    As part of a comprehensive, bipartisan solution implementing the state’s ambitious climate change goals, the legislation that extended the cap-and-trade program also included several useful tax reductions. These tax cuts will help mitigate cost increases on rural Californians and partially offset some costs for California manufacturers and energy producers. Sales tax exemption Manufacturers gained a […]
  • Cap-and-trade will cost less than current regulatory regime July 17, 2017
    California has the most ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal in this or any other country. By 2030, Californians must reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent below our already-constrained 2020 levels. California produces only one percent of GHG emissions, but we outpunch our weight in global influence on climate policy. If we can meet our […]
  • Consensus: cap-and-trade extension requires a two-thirds legislative vote July 11, 2017
    The California Supreme Court recently declined to review the 2-1 split decisionby the Appellate Court, which ruled that California’s current cap-and-trade auction is not a tax requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. The legislative authorization for the current cap-and-trade auction was adopted in 2006 with the passage of AB 32, which authorized the cap-and-trade program through 2020. […]
  • Local initiative right still under legislative assault June 29, 2017
    Earlier this year I wrote of an assault on local democracy in the guise of an Assembly measure intending to force citizens to run a gauntlet of local planners and environmental analysis prior to gathering signatures for local ballot measures. In the intervening three months the measure has been overhauled several times, approved by the entire Assembly and now […]
  • How do we address the housing crisis: one incremental step at a time June 23, 2017
    Productively addressing California’s housing crisis will require a long slog, not a magic bullet. The effective policies are politically treacherous, while the easy victories already have been chalked up. A broad consensus of nonpartisan policy experts and think tanks point to regulatory and litigation reform, particularly of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), as the […]

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Most likely explainer is Left sponsors most ballot measures, so prefers high turnout Pres elections. @johnmyers
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I blogged ... Cap-and-trade deal also cut taxes. @FHDaily
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