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  • Economic growth has not “decoupled” from CO2 emissions September 26, 2016
    With the enactment of new climate change regulation through 2030, California leaders are closing ranks to make the economic and business case for more mandates. The new requirement will reduce total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 40 percent below 2020 emissions. On a per capita basis, that’s a reduction of one-half of GHG emissions from today’s […]
  • Cap and Trade is Easy; it’s the Tax that’s Hard August 25, 2016
    Governor Brown cited the major deficiency of new climate change legislation at a press conference yesterday, citing cap and trade as the major piece of unfinished business. He’s right. When the Governor signs the new climate change legislation rapidly nearing his desk, rather than clarifying public policy, California will be entering uncharted territory. The hard-fought […]
  • California Has A Slow-Motion Housing Emergency August 16, 2016
    The state is under-building by tens of thousands of new houses and apartments each year that are needed to meet demand. As a result, home prices and rents are soaring and commutes are lengthening – especially in coastal metropolitan regions. If a fire or flood or earthquake had wiped out a thousand or five thousand homes and apartments, the […]
  • Memo to Prop 53 Boosters: Curt Schilling Doesn’t Play for California August 12, 2016
    Struggling to justify their claims that Proposition 53 plugs a “loophole,” proponents have launched a nationwide search for victims. This would be laughable if the consequences of fundamentally eroding local control, creating new litigation threats, and stalling needed infrastructure projects weren’t so serious. (Prop 53 would demand a statewide vote to approve large revenue bond issues.) Their latest […]
  • Who will run the Coastal Commission? June 13, 2016
    Why bother having public-facing commissions if they can’t deal with the public? A century-old hallmark of the Progressive Era, quasi-independent boards and commissions wield broad executive powers implementing and enforcing laws, permitting business operations and land development, and punishing wrongdoers within their jurisdictions. Some of the most powerful in California are the Public Utilities Commission, […]

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I blogged … Economic growth has not "decoupled" from CO2 emissions. @FHDaily
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They probably think they’re punishing you!
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Thanks to Michael Krasny for xlnt elevated discussion on #Prop53. Threatens state infra & undermines local control. @KQEDForum @noprop53
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Really interesting. Never knew any of this.
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