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  • One simple trick for California’s carbon diet: a robust cap-and-trade system May 16, 2017
    Almost every January 1st I set a personal goal for weight loss. That’s easy. The hard part comes the following 364 days while I try different strategies to shed the pounds. On January 1, 2021, California must begin implementation of its ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent below the 2020 levels. This is the equivalent of […]
  • Book review: Recovering institutional memory April 11, 2017
    Assemblyman Willard M. Huyck served two terms in the Legislature shortly after the end of the Second World War. Though little-remembered today, Mr. Huyck is still alive – the only surviving member of the 1940s-era Legislature, a living link to the reigns of Governor Earl Warren and lobbyist Artie Samish. Also in the 1940s, as […]
  • You can have infill housing or an unreformed CEQA , but not both April 6, 2017
    If the question is housing affordability or greenhouse gas reductions, livable cities or infrastructure investment, then the answer often involves “infill housing.” Dense housing in communities with existing infrastructure is the holy grail for planners, environmentalists and many elected officials. “Encouraging new housing development in infill areas would spur economic growth, reduce monthly household costs, […]
  • Legislation would upend local citizens’ initiatives March 29, 2017
    In 2016 California voters considered more than 850 local ballot measures. But that is just too much democracy, according to a measure introduced in the Assembly last month. Most local measures are placed on the ballot by a local governing board: city council, school board, transit district, etc. Most of those measures are charter amendments, tax increases or bond […]
  • Expanding opportunity for all Californians February 28, 2017
    An abridged version of this article first ran in the Sacramento Bee. For good or ill, the new administration in the nation’s capital has upended the national policy debate, requiring the consideration of California’s politicos, and diverting their attention from our own pressing needs. From a distance it seems the California economy couldn’t do any better. […]

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RT @NancyEMcFadden: No question here. @JerryBrownGov will only sign a 2/3 vote cap & trade bill.
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I blogged … One simple trick for California's carbon diet: a robust cap-and-trade system. @FHDaily
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RT @paulmitche11: As a midtown cyclist, and family biker, caring about our safety first, the answer is simple: yes, yes, yes. Kudos to @Jay…
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