The California Foundation for Commerce and Education is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the California business climate and private enterprise through:

•education of the public and policy makers on the virtues of private enterprise, educational attainment, and a strong economic base;

• accurate, impartial and objective research and analysis of public policy issues of interest to the California business and public policy communities; and

• education and outreach efforts in support of the research and public policy findings and recommendations.

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  • CalChamber poll (Part 2): Voters crave sensible policies, no new taxes November 24, 2020
    Yesterday  we reported that Californians are taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, and expect their elected leaders to do the same.  But the pandemic isn’t the only issue troubling Californians. The cost of living remains a profound concern. When asked if their family would have a better future if they left California, a stunning 54 percent […]
  • CalChamber poll (Part 1): Voters serious about addressing pandemic consequences November 23, 2020
    Californians are taking the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, and expect their elected leaders to do the same. The sixth annual CalChamber poll, The People’s Voice, 2020, found that voters are keenly aware of the widespread effects of the pandemic. Nearly half of all voters have suffered an economic impact: reduced work hours, lost job, pay cut, […]
  • Census deadline approaches September 15, 2020
    The unremitting pandemic and economic crises of 2020 have overshadowed what would normally have been a dominant event of community action: the decennial census. Most of you are probably generally aware of the census, but few of you likely know that the census will conclude at the end of this month. The census is more […]
  • Legislative Fumble September 10, 2020
    The California Legislature fumbled a chance to boost economic recovery in the state by choosing the easy path: business-as-usual.  Facing the three horsemen of the CApocalypse – pandemic, economic collapse, and social unrest – the Legislature instead took refuge in the warm embrace of its special interests, legislating as if millions of residents weren’t jobless […]
  • Legislators Gotta Legislate August 20, 2020
    Despite their leaders’ vow to concentrate their attention on the pandemic and economic crises, it’s business-as-usual at the California Legislature.  In early Spring, the Legislature had good reason to give the full measure of their focus to the state’s worst modern health crisis and economic freefall. Legislators scrambled their schedule, going on hiatus for two […]



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