The California Foundation for Commerce and Education is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the California business climate and private enterprise through:

•education of the public and policy makers on the virtues of private enterprise, educational attainment, and a strong economic base;

• accurate, impartial and objective research and analysis of public policy issues of interest to the California business and public policy communities; and

• education and outreach efforts in support of the research and public policy findings and recommendations.

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  • Newsom’s First Budget Goes Easy on Taxes January 18, 2019
    In his recently-released state budget proposal, Governor Newsom made two important and supportive statements on California’s business and economic climate. First, he reinforced the need for state fiscal stability. While enjoying the benefit of more than $20 billion in surplus revenues, he chose to direct most of the surplus either to bolstering the Rainy Day […]
  • Housing Woes Threaten California’s Middle Class January 9, 2019
    California’s housing crisis is the worst threat to our middle class lifestyle since the recession. Our median home listing price is nearly twice the national average, and besides Hawaii is higher than any other state. Our median rental rate is half again higher than the national average, and is also the highest in the nation (other than Hawaii). When […]
  • California’s Next Governor Will Have a Long “Want-List.” October 17, 2018
    On Day One of his new administration, Gavin Newsom or John Cox will enunciate his vision for California, and call on the Legislature to implement it, whether it’s spurring more housing, increasing school funding, eliminating the new “sanctuary” law, cutting taxes or “resisting” the Trump Administration. He will set the agenda for how to spend […]
  • #MeToo, But Maybe Not For You August 27, 2018
    Preventing sexual harassment and protecting victims has been a high priority for the Legislature – fallout from the #MeToo movement sweeping politics, the media and Hollywood, and especially on the heels of harassment scandals in the State Capitol. So it’s noteworthy that one of the signature bills to combat sexual harassment explicitly exempts the Legislature and other […]
  • High Court Ruling Raises Questions on Passage of Local Special Taxes  August 16, 2018
    How many voters does it take to pass a local special tax? Since Proposition 13 in 1978, voters have had the final say on local tax increases. A subsequent initiative passed in 1996, Proposition 218, further required most local tax measures to gain approval by two-thirds of voters, whether proposed by a local government agency […]



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